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We are a consultancy specialising in immigration into the UK, UK Visas and Settlement Applications. We provide a one stop shop solution for those seeking a route to citizenship to Britain and Ireland.

What We Offer

Dedicated Account Manager

We offer a complete one stop shop service to cover any of your migration and relocation needs through our range of in-house capabilities, partnerships, and our extensive network of professionals, including the following:

1. Immigration lawyers (over 25 years experience in this industry)

2. Accountants

3. Business Managers

4. Property Investment Experts

5. Mortgage and Financial Consultants

6. Wealth Management

7. International Money transfer

8. Relocation Specialists

9. Schooling for our client’s children

British Citizenship

We focus on gaining UK visas through business investment. By establishing, investing or taking over a business in the United Kingdom, you can be entitled to take up residence along with your family.

For the purposes of this category a business means a sole trader, partnership or company registered in the United Kingdom. Entry Clearance is not mandatory as individuals can switch into this category from within the UK, depending on which existing category an applicant falls into.

Following recent Government announcements allowing accelerated route to settlement in this category, contact us to see whether you are eligible to apply.


  • Free Public Healthcare
  • World Financial Centre
  • World class education
  • Stable growing economy
  • High standards of living
  • Common language and culture within the UK
  • Free education for children under 18
  • Spouses and dependants able to work

Irish Citizenship

The Irish Passport is now the only passport that will give you full access to the EU and the UK.

With a common travel agreement, this will also allow for permanent residency in the UK.

However, the issue of Dual Citizenship is more complex as there are strict rule to follow.


  • Listed in Forbes 2019 ‘Best Countries for Business’
  • Access to the UK and the EU
  • World class education
  • Fast growing economy
  • High standards of living
  • Common language and culture within the UK
  • No interview or languages tests
  • Spouses and dependants up to 23 years old accepted and able to work

How We Work

Please contact us by submitting a ‘Contact Us’ form. One of our highly trained business managers will get in touch with you and will provide a preliminary assessment of your case for free.


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